We loved the shortboard, the longboard was phenomenal so here is the third in the Jack Rabbit range the XXL SUP. Designed exclusively as a surf sup with all new sizes to accommodate the longboard nose rider sup and shorter performance surfing. 

The shorter sizes are for those looking for stability in the surf with optimal performance. The wider outline provides a stable platform however the unique quad concave providing ultimate performance off the tail.





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Unlike some deep concave boards that want to lock onto one rail or 'track' unpredictably, the Jack Rabbit's quad concave is stable at all times but will react when needed with a crisp precision. The bottom curve is moderate yet enhanced through the rails, providing speed, lift and precise directional change. The board features mid volume rails and versatile in many surf conditions.

The JRXXL outline, features thoughtfully foiled volume allowing the board to be ridden shorter while providing a feel and stability of a larger board.

The boards are set up with 5 fin boxes and surfed as a Quad or Thruster. The Quad set-up will provide traction, speed, security and drive off the bottom with hold on long walls while a Thruster set-up gives a crisp pivot and playful feel when in punchy beach breaks and peaky waves. 

For the big boy in the range, the 10’ is designed for ultimate longboard style sup surfing.  Nose rides with ease, trims effortlessly and turns with ease off the tail.   Plenty of fun times to be had.



    •    EPS Foam core 
    •    Fusion Carbon Vector X Paulwonia wood
    •    Extra wood reinforced standing patch
    •    5 fin boxes and fins included (5 x FCS2 on 8’3-9’5,  centre box and 4 FCS2 on 10’)



Length Width Thickness Volume
8'3 29.8 4.2 124L
8'8 30 4.3 135L
9'5 31 4.5 159L
10' 28 4 125L
10' 30 4 133L

Wave Type

All waves, 1-4 ft




EPS, 4 x 4 x 4