McKee Jack Rabbit XL

The original JACK RABBIT surfboard has become one of the favourite boards in the range for ECS aficionados. Claims of "it’s my go-to board”, “so fun versatile!”, “love it" … and the features that make it so, such as the quad concave bottom, partly based on a magic competition water-ski design, has meant that a longboard version was inevitable.    




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Super Fun!

The centre bending rocker curve gives speed when ridden off the tail and also helps to brake when nose riding. Noseriding is a dream, the concave tail helps lock the tail down so hanging some toes is part of the package. Like it’s smaller sibling, the Jackrabbit XL will be beckoning you for it to be part of your quiver and it will deliver!!!

The board is super light and this unique construction with carbon sandwich PVC foam stringer provides additional strength with an optimal flex pattern for speed and drive out of your turns.  


  • EPS foam with carbon sandwich PVC stinger
  • Biaxial+6oz deck with 3/4 patch
  • 6oz bottom
  • Centre box with Quad Future fin boxes
  • 5 Fins Included



Length Width Thickness Volume
7'6 21 3/4 2 3/4 52L
8'0  22 2 3/4 56L
9'1 22 2 13/16  65L






Wave Type

All waves, 1-4 ft




HPE, 6 x 4 x 4