Cruiser 2.0

The cruiser board is for those flat-water days or fun on the river, lake, and even in small surf. It has a conservative rocker profile throughout for fast smooth paddling yet a touch of nose lift to keep you happy if you venture into the surf. 

The length of the Cruiser allows the user to paddle for longer in a straight line before changing sides. This is ideal for long paddles along the river or lake when quick turning isn't essential. 

Extremely light for an 10'8 board at 25lb, you will notice how much distance you can cover with little effort. Very popular for anyone looking to explore the waterways with friends and even the pooch upfront.





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The style of  longboard 

The bottom features a single concave entry into a vee half way down for fluent planning and manoeuvrability. The longboard styling makes this board ideal for those looking for a little more volume and to cruise about. Ideal for any level of rider.



These boards are shaped from an Ultra-lite high density EPS foam blank using vacuum sandwich construction with real Paulownia wood top/bottom. It also features reinforced wood/glass standing area for additional strength.

Superior strength to weight ratio. High-end construction at a reasonable price. Ledge style carry handle. Automatic Air Valve. Thruster set up and fins included.



Length Width Thickness Volume Weight 
10'8 33 4 3/4 200 24 lbs