Cruiser Blue Package

  • The cruiser board is for those flat-water days or fun in small surf. It has a conservative rocker profile throughout for fast smooth paddling yet a touch of nose lift to keep you happy in the surf. The bottom features a single concave entry into a vee half way down for fluent planning and manoeuvrability. The longboard styling makes this board ideal for those looking for a little more volume and to cruise about. Ideal for any level of rider.
    1. These boards are shaped from an Ultra-lite high density EPS foam blank using vacuum sandwich construction with real bamboo top/bottom and complete rail wrapped adding to the structural integrity of the board. It also features reinforced wood/glass standing area for additional strength. Superior strength to weight ratio. High-end construction at a reasonable price. Ledge style carry handle. Automatic Air Valve. Thruster set up and fins included.
    1. 11'2 x 32 x 4.75 (Volume 200L)

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