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At ECS boards we pride ourselves on delivering quality boards and surfing accessories at great prices. Make us your first stop for longboards, shortboards, Stand up Paddle boards, pads, fins, and more.


Feel free to contact us via the website or phone, we look forward to hearing from you.

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jack rabbit

Highly responsive and super fun pocket rocket.  The Jack Rabbit will have you leaping out of your skin and is a sure for any quiver.


The Jack Rabbit features a unique quad concave system. This interesting bottom contour adds a double concave within the overall single curvature. The mid section then fades both ways into the single concave nose and tail.


ecs drifter


Want the soul of a longboard but the performance of a shortboard?

Then the drifter is for you!


A great all-rounder that paddles effortlessly, takes bottom turns and cut backs to a new level.  You can even ride this in hollow over head waves and it will hold the line well deep in the barrel with its pulled in pin tail.





ecs moonshine


The Moonshine is an all-round board that can be ridden by a wide range of riders. Those progressing low intermediates wanting a fun, responsive, lively performer, that will be hard to stop riding, up to the expert wanting a full rail-to-rail screamer with all the performance traits of a comp board especially when ridden short, but with a wider nose that helps launch you into the heavy drops with ease.

ecs bulldog
ecs Jack Rabbit
ecs ff2


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